How many toys parents should give to the kids?

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Parents love buying different toys and play items for their kids and they even do not consider the price of the toys. But it is very important to know how many toys should a kid have. Many parents want to know that if giving more toys can affect young children. When kids have more toys they may not show their interest on something. They quickly get bored of the abundant things. Fewer toys reduce the conflicts among the children especially siblings. Some studies have noticed that kids get along when there is fewer toys. Fewer toys invoke the scarcity and it fosters more cooperation between the siblings. It triggers the limbic system in brain and encourages cooperation. If the count of toys is very less, the kid will consider them as rare as well as precious. They will have a bond with the toys. Limiting the toys count results in increased depth of playtime.

How too many options for play affect the children

Having too many options for playtime can make a kid anxious whereas fewer options allow for more connection and depth in play. When kids are not provided more toys for playing, they will reach out and play with siblings and nature. Parents can find the children looking to the nature and spending time in observing and experiencing. Even the kids will turn to follow parents as they do their work whether it may be sweeping the floor or preparing supper. It is good to let the kid to be bored so that they turn to themselves. Boredom comes with creativity and engagement. By allowing the kid to get bored, he or she could develop the adaptability and creativity. These are some of the essential skills required in this competitive world. It is the responsibility of parents to give their kids the grace, time and the space to develop these skills.

How to manage excessive gifts from relatives and friends

Usually kids will receive more gifts from friends and relatives on their birthday. Most of the gifts will be playtoys. In such cases, parents can request their family members to present only one gift. A fancy gift or Disney land has been the favorite choice of most kids. One thing about gifting presents and opting for simplicity is making a decision to stay on the principles. The kids will not become entitlement ogres, but children will gratitude and respect for what they receive.