How to teach a child to clean their toys?

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Many parents wish to buy the most wonderful toys for their little one. On the other hand, they get much difficulty when they get ready to clean these toys at home. This is because children engage in recreation with their favourite toys indoors and outdoors regardless of overall cleanliness of these toys.


As a parent, you have the responsibility to support your children learn benefits of being hygienic. You can teach your child to clean his or her toys in safe hands. Even though your child does not willing to follow what you said, you can encourage your child to clean toys on a regular basis. The following details explain the most successful ideas about how to teach a child to clean toys.

Reset rules

This is advisable to reset rules on a regular basis. This approach is very helpful to teach different aspects of routine activities to your child. If your child likes to focus on what you try to convey in the most interesting way, then your child can follow your instructions easily and regularly. You can discuss with your child about how to clean toys. Let your child to focus on how you clean his or her toys interestingly.

Limit the cleanup

Bear in mind that your child will not be able to remember all things you have specified about cleaning toys. You can encourage your kids to enhance their ways towards clean toys. If you have free time at home, then you can speak to your child and increase his or her interest to clean toys at least once a week at first. You can introduce a new game to your child and instruct the importance of cleaning toys through this game. If cleaning becomes an important part of the game, then your child learns how cleaning toys help him or her on time.

Present new toys

You may get disturbed when someone else recommends present new toys to your child who does not care about existing toys at home. You have to understand the truth behind this recommendation. If you inform your child that he will receive a new toy when he cleans all his toys within a day, then you will be surprised with overall efforts of your child for cleaning all toys in his collection. You will be encouraged to follow this approach and make your child happy and healthy day after day.